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Breanna Wheeler

Breanna has more than 10 years of experience in working with clients to develop custom visual communication pieces that send impactful messages to their target audiences. Her portfolio exhibits graphic design / art direction services for an extensive range of industries, agencies and organizations. Breanna is all-things design! Like a true baker and design-connoisseur, Breanna can make something from scratch using the latest in illustration software or by applying just the right decorative icing on something already developed in stock images and software such as Photoshop applications. Breanna specializes in web design, identity campaigns, promotional services, publication art, and advertising pieces. Capturing the essence of your brand and products, Breanna can apply the appropriate level of taste in her designs so that your customers know exactly who you are. Software expertise and design passion, strong communication, detail management skills and a self-motivated drive to achieve excellence, characterize her daily approach to doing business. And, when Breanna isn’t working on a Sandpiper project, you’ll find her emotionally engaged in some creative idea she found on Pinterest! Breanna lives and breathes creative ideas, so why not give her something to try out a new perspective or approach.

"Breanna Wheeler is everything you want in a visual business partner – a pleasant and productive mix of creative insight, design flair, shrewd pragmatism, and on-top-of-it communications who will make your engagement successful and give you reassurance along the way. I can work with anyone, and I work with her."
- J. Smith, VP Design Management, TNS-Global
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